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Learn about our environmental and social responsibility projects.

We act responsibly, with the conscious use of available resources, encouraging and guiding our employees in seeking fairer and more harmonious relationships with society as a whole.

The company is committed to achieving the best results, providing highest quality services to its clients, focusing on economy, environmental preservation, and social contribution in each location where it operates. Additionally, Luft encourages and supports various environmental and social initiatives, among which are:


“Na Mão Certa” (The Right Hand Program) was born in 2006 from the search for more effective responses to combat the sexual exploitation of children and adolescents on Brazilian highways, built from an intersectoral alliance proposed by the organization Childhood Brasil.

Since 2008, Luft has supported the Right Hand Program through internal and external actions addressing the issue, mainly through the Continuing Education Project, which establishes an environment for exchanging experiences, information, and knowledge about the cause and the way to combat child sexual exploitation to truck drivers, who are multipliers of the cause.

In addition, the company is a member of the Participatory Management Committee, formed by 30 companies signatories of the Business Pact, which seeks alternatives to address and strengthen the issue.


The National Institute for Empty Packaging Processing (inpEV) is a non-profit entity dedicated to promoting, throughout Brazil, the correct disposal of empty pesticide containers.

In 2001, Luft not only believed in the proposal, which was just a draft, but also helped inpEV in structuring the Program, being the logistics operator responsible for managing the collection, storage, and correct disposal of these containers.

Currently, Luft is the only logistics operator qualified to perform this work, which requires a very high level of commitment and responsibility, and has participated in the correct disposal of more than 330,000 tons of pesticide containers since the start of the Program, thus contributing to environmental preservation and improving the quality of life of farmers.

Olho Vivo na Estrada

The Olho Vivo na Estrada program, instituted by Abiquim in partnership with Abiclor, aims to prevent unsafe attitudes in the transportation of dangerous products through driver awareness, resulting in a zero accident rate on the roads.

Luft participates in Olho Vivo by raising awareness among its drivers, working with the concept that “before a major accident occurs, there were several small equipment or transportation operation failures that were not reported to the company.”

Through training developed for Olho Vivo and conducted by SEST/SENAT, drivers learn to identify and report these failures to Luft, enabling the adoption of preventive or corrective actions.