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What is “SeaS”?

The National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA) requires that each drug package be tamper-proof and traceable to the manufacturer. For this, each cartridge is supplied with an individually traceable serial number and a datamatrix-type bar code. Due to many legal regulations and high investment cost equipment, serialization is expensive for the manufacturer and special know-how is required. Together with our partners, LUFT offers serialization as a flexible service that you can seamlessly integrate into your supply chain. We call this “Serialization as a Service” or “SeaS”. 

FLOW - Serialization as a Service
How “Serialization as a service” works

Your products are delivered to our GMP certified storage facility in Santana de Parnaíba. It is conveniently located 10 kilometers away from our main logistics services hub in Itapevi, where packaging is serialized.

Our team of industrial process specialists and our equipment are very adaptable, allowing us to work with all sizes and quantities of packaging. After serialization, we perform the aggregation of serialized items in transport packages. During this process, our aggregation equipment takes a photograph of all encoded data matrix for quality assessment and final aggregation.

The data is introduced into the National System for the Control of Medicines (SNCM) through secure, validated systems that comply with the guidelines of good data protection practices. In this way, it is possible to verify at any time the authenticity of the medicine’s origin.

The products are then reintegrated into your supply chain and subsequently distributed. In this way, ensuring compliance with all the regulations and requirements of Anvisa without great effort.

Another benefit is that you can order different quantities according to variable forecasts and pay only per cartridge or batch and without the need to have fixed costs related to this service.

What advantages does SeaS offer?

We cater for all quantities, as we have dedicated equipment and an expansion plan with our partners. If your forecast changes next month, that’s fine, we’ll adapt.


Instead of purchasing the high investment equipment for serialization, aggregation yourself and having to hire and train your own people, you benefit from our large scale production, generating savings.


We do not charge fixed fees. All costs are per serialized and/or aggregated unit, so you only have variable costs.


As specialists in pharmaceutical logistics, product industrialization processes, all LUFT LABORPACK’s facilities and storage processes are, of course, certified by ANVISA (GMP).

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The SeaS Team

We are one of the largest logistics operators in Brazil. Since our foundation in 1975, we have specialized in implementing customized, exclusive and innovative solutions in the healthcare (Luft Healthcare), agribusiness (Luft Agribusiness), retail and e-commerce (Luft Solutions) segments. From quality systems, information management, customer integration and risk management, to process automation, traceability, storage and validation, we are positioned as the partner par excellence in business expansion through high standard logistics operations.

With our work, we accompany market innovations and the continuing education of our team, we focus on developing new solutions in order to expand our reach. We are a team composed of experienced professionals and recent graduates. All of us at Luft share a sense of ownership and a passion for innovation.

Founded in 1971, Laborpack is a company with a tradition in providing packaging services for the pharmaceutical and food industries.

Throughout this experience, they developed practices that were improved due to the main objectives: the quality of services, respect for partnership and corporate governance guidelines.

The solidity in relationships, the constant training of employees, technological investments and the capacity to operate in diversified segments of the packaging market make Laborpack an excellent reference in the business environment for providing packaging services.


It is a fast-growing company of specialists with highly demanded knowledge in the fields of electronics, computer science and mechanical engineering. We are developing and producing:

Systems for printing, labeling, inspection and verification in the pharmaceutical industry
Specialized machines for automation in industry
Labeling systems
Product Labeling Systems

In 2012, they started to develop printing and verification systems that the pharmaceutical industry is required to introduce serialization and aggregation management technology into their production and logistics processes.

Founded in 2013, R&B Tracebilidade Brasil provides the traceability service through the capture and storage of a series of custody change events that are stored in a central database, in partnership with Amazon Web Services.

The solution is focused on the L4 for adherence to the SNCM (National Drug Control System).

The technology developed by R&B stands out for its security, ease of integration, and elasticity in data processing.

Get a non-binding consultation now and
find out how SeaS can help your company
Frequently Asked Questions about SeaS

You have full control. We download the desired serial numbers from your Level‑4 system and transmit them again after production.

We use different methods to seal the package. Whether with an in-line labeler for Tamper Evident stickers or by manual application of hot glue. If desired, we also use your provided labels.

Before the first order can be produced by us, the process must be coordinated in advance and you must be integrated into our system environment. This is necessary only once and is product independent.

As a rule, machines can only print certain sizes. By using our own serialisation labeling machine, we are able to serialize all package sizes.

We can carry out serialisation according to the ANVISA’s directive.


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